What Type Of Cloud Account Is Right For Your Business?

Technology is developing rapidly, and the changes it promotes take place in a new global business community. In order to be an effective competitor in this new business climate, a company must adapt to technological developments that mandate requirements for speed, efficiency, and security for Internet communications. Technology-based businesses offer numerous cloud options, and one or all may be perfect for your company.

Cloud Services Include

  • Scalability
  • File sharing (including oversized files)
  • Remote access
  • Automatic backups
  • Archiving
  • Document storage
  • Encryption security
  • Disaster recovery

Scalability Offers Significant Savings

Businesses need affordable solutions to meet the demands of their clients in a diverse and competitive global market. The scalability factor of cloud services is a great advantage to every size business. No matter what services you choose, your company will save a significant amount of money. There is no requirement to buy space you don’t need, but you have the option to add or decrease the size of your account as necessary. Scalability provides the elasticity that growing businesses need. Use only the amount of space you need to perform the services you choose, and pay only for what you use. Scalability allows businesses to reduce overhead and effectively use the savings for other business expenses. If you need a solution that has the elasticity to give and take as your needs change, select a scalable service.

Online File Sharing

Business transactions revolve around communication, and that includes sending files and business documents in the fastest and safest manner possible. Online file sharing offers your company the opportunity to share files with clients and employees, manage all file communications, monitor access to all files, and share ultra large files. File sharing between business branches facilitates work teams and project collaboration. Automatic backup of all your shared files and documents insures them against potential loss from equipment failure.

Software As A Service (SaaS)

SaaS offers companies the advantages of the latest developments in software as an “on demand” feature. Businesses benefit when all employees are working with the same software version. Affordability, automatic updates, collaborative compatibility, easy administration, and remote access are a few of the benefits SaaS offers companies. Small businesses find a SaaS account provides affordable access to current software, and allows them to compete in the global market.

Cloud Document Storage

Businesses generate enormous amounts of information, and it all has to be stored. Cloud document storage services provide electronic storage for all your critical business documents. Cloud storage accounts can be accessed remotely, reduce spending on paper copies, save physical office space, allow employees to be more productive, and companies pay only for the amount of storage space they use. Cloud storage is the perfect business solution for document storage. Businesses cannot afford to lose sensitive documents and files. Intellectual theft, accidental loss, hard drive crashes, as well as weather disasters can create difficult and expensive dilemmas for any company.

Encryption Security

Security is crucial when transferring files to the Internet. Cloud services encrypt login, password, and document transfer. It’s important for your company to encrypt sensitive business data for the protection of client’s critical business documents. Cloud computing provides encryption for document storage, file sharing, and other cloud services.

Technology is rapidly bringing business solutions and applications to the cloud. If you need to increase overall business productivity and profit, your company can benefit from the many opportunities cloud computing brings to the “technology” table.

Sam Jones, the author, uses bt broadband office which comes with cloud computing options.


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