5 Ways Of Creating A Positive Office Culture

In recent times, companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter have become known for their dynamic and fun office cultures. Google offices have fridges full of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream, Foosball tables, hang out areas and even slides. Employees at these companies are encouraged to work on what interests them and to work in whatever way suits them best. By creating such a free and creative office culture, these companies ensure that employees are happy in their jobs because the head honchos know that happy employees make for better, more productive employees. If you want to promote a positive office culture in your workplace to motivate employees to be the best they can be, here are 5 things you can do.

1. Understand Your Employees

You won’t be able to improve the office culture if you don’t understand your employees. You should try to understand what motivates them and what they hope to gain from working in your office. Only then will you be able to go about changing the office culture to suit your team.

2. Give Encouragement

If people feel that they are slaving away at their job and that what they do isn’t appreciated, their productivity levels are sure to drop. By complimenting employees on work well done, you are showing them that what they do is appreciated, which will motivate them to keep up the good work and perhaps even do better in the future.

3. Reward Employees

It’s important to give encouragement, but you could go one step further by motivating employees with rewards and incentives. Why not introduce an “employee of the month” award in your office? Each month, you could have a different prize to keep it interesting. One month, it could be a restaurant voucher, the next it could be an iTunes voucher and so on.

4. Allow Flexibility

Employees are always thankful for increased flexibility in their schedules as it allows them to work the hours that suit them best, so they can be at home for their children, finish work at the same time as their partner or simply miss rush hour traffic in the mornings and evenings.

5. Company Events

These don’t have to be elaborate company retreats. A company event can be something as simple as a “Christmas Jumper Day” or a fancy dress day on Halloween. Such events make for a fun, dynamic office culture that will foster good feeling towards the company.

By making an effort to promote a positive office culture, you will make the office a more interesting and dynamic environment for employees. As well as that, employees are more likely to believe in the company and their work if they feel that the company culture aligns with their own personal values and beliefs.

This article was written by Catherine Hynes, an office administrator who is responsible for the photocopiers and other supplies and equipment in her office.


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