I Got Rolled Over

I Got Rolled Over.

Let me say up front I didn’t win the lottery. Nor am I happy that I got rolled over.

When it comes to business, I take everything seriously. I monitor my incomings, my outgoings, my advertising return on investments, my customer service standards and even the cost of my weekly postage. So as energy prices have risen over the last decade or so, I have had a keen eye on the escalating price of my business electricity. It has culminated in me recently looking for a cheaper source for my business’s electricity.

Contract Roll Over

You see, i made a fatal error. Although I was monitoring all my outgoings, all my incomings etcetera, I failed to notice that my contract with my current supplier automatically rolled over. When you roll over, on to new contract, whether it be residential or business, the likelihood is that the rates that you receive will be very poor. Over the last three or four years, my rolled over rates have meant I have over-paid significantly compared to the amount I wouldn’t have spent if I had negotiated preferential rates with the best energy suppliers. I promise you, it won’t happen again. I have set reminders on my iPhone, on my computer, and in my written diary, to renegotiate rates next time it is possible to do so.

Ring and Negotiate

So in order to reduce your outgoings on energy, in your business, it is important that you choose your contract wisely. Nowadays there are price comparison sites where you can find the different offerings and different suppliers. In addition, you should phone and speak to the customer service agents of some major suppliers. This will mean that you will be able to access special new customer rates not necessarily on an offer on the internet.


There are, of course, other austerity measures that you can take to ensure that you save money on your energy. For example, you can ensure that you own energy efficient appliances. Make sure that computers and other electrical equipment are turned off at night, and generally that you only use electricity when you need it. Electric heaters consume electricity at a rate of Watts. I have started wearing a jumper in the morning until the central heating kicks in in the office; it normally only takes 20 minutes.

Tell your office staff to wear jumpers, too and ban fan heaters. If anyone is working without a jumper then buy a lockable thermostat fitted and reduce the office temperature.

Consider replacing fluorescent lights with LEDs because the price of LEDs has fallen so much that you could save a fortune on office lighting costs.

I am a relative novice when it comes to energy efficiency in the work place. I am sure there are people out there who have far more experience and far more technical and innovative ideas. Please share your so that we can all save some money on our bills, as well as make this world a greener place.

Phil Turner, the writer of this article, used this page, http://www.uswitch.com/gas-electricity/guides/cheap-business-electricity/, to help reduce his own business costs.


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