Logo Love – The Importance of Brand Identities

Although you may not realize it, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, your brain is being bombarded with brand identities. The shampoo you use, the clothes you wear, the breakfast cereal you eat, the car you drive, the coffee you drink – almost everything you come into contact with has a logo staring you right in the face. These logos become ingrained in our memories and we grow to recognize and trust these brands over all others on the market.

Brand Icons

What do companies like Apple, McDonalds and Nike all have in common? Their logos are simple, timeless and instantly recognizable the world over.

When you hear the word ‘McDonalds,’ what’s the first thing that pops into your head? My guess would be the iconic golden arches, not a quarter pounder and a side of French fries. When people think of the logo before they think of the product, it goes to show just how effective a company’s brand identity has become.

Perceived Value vs. Actual Value

It’s important to remember that people often make choices based on perceived value rather than actual value. Take cars for instance. Why would someone choose to buy a Ferrari over a Skoda? Their choice isn’t based on reliability and mileage performance, because if it were, Skoda would be the logical choice. It’s based on the fact that Ferrari’s image is synonymous with luxury and status. The Ferrari logo is a visual representation of the qualities inherent in their cars. A black stallion on its hind legs carries with it connotations of speed, power, prowess and a wild untameable nature. With the right logo and branding strategy your business can increase its perceived value and gain the edge over the competition.

To Re-brand or not to Re-brand, That is the Question

In 2009, PepsiCo decided it’d be a good idea to re brand the packaging of Tropicana fruit juice. In an attempt to make it more relevant to the consumer they replaced the iconic Tropicana packaging with a modernized  more clinical typeface. What started out as an intention to boost sales ended up as one of the most costly mistakes in re branding history. As soon as the new packaging hit supermarket shelves, sales dropped by 20% in just two months, costing PepsiCo $33 million in lost sales.

If your company is down in the dumps, re branding can be a great way of giving it that much needed lease of life, but before you rush into doing anything you might regret, be sure to plan a marketing strategy with a company who knows what they’re doing.

Entrust the professionals at www.logodesign.co.uk/ and watch your business grow from strength to strength.   


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