Corporate Hotel Bookings – Opportunities For Saving Money For Business Accounts

Like airlines, hotels set great stall by their occupancy rates – that is, they work on the basis of being able to fill a certain percentage of their rooms on any given day.

Types of room available

Many hotels also offer rooms with a wide range of configurations, from a single room, to twin, triple or even quad rooms, and at the top of the range, suites.

Lots also split their accommodation into different classifications, and differentiate between standard and what might be termed ‘superior’, ‘executive’ or ‘deluxe’ rooms.

Hotels often also bundle various meal packages in with their rooms, the most common being bed and breakfast, which is ideal for the business visitor, as it means they can not only be sure of making an early start for their appointments, but they will also be sure of feeling ready to tackle a busy day if they have taken advantage of the chance to set themselves up with a good meal beforehand.

What your trade means to the hotel

Corporate bookings are a major source of income for hotel chains and groups, and as this kind of regular trade is much sought-after, the groups will often offer valuable discounts and other concessions in return for their loyal corporate customers.

A business account with a hotel group might include provision for a certain minimum number of nights’ stay during a set period of time. It is therefore in groups’ interests to take this custom, as they are then guaranteed that a certain number of rooms will be occupied over an extended period.

Business account managers

It is also good for the image and reputation of a hotel group if it is seen to offer regular hospitality to representatives of prestigious client companies. So a hotel or group will often have a dedicated business account manager, whose job is to foster such relations, and reach out to businesses.

That person may also be detailed with devising particular incentive packages based around the number of stays at a hotel which a company books. As many hotel groups also include in their facilities such extras as spa or health treatments, and, of course, conference and meeting rooms, there is any number of incentive schemes which can be drawn up combining the use of these with rooms.

Local opportunities

Another valuable extra often included by hotels for their business customers is discounts on bookings for local venues and attractions. As companies increasingly realize that offering opportunities for their staff and guests to enjoy some activities outside of work at preferential rates, such inducements are becoming increasingly common. A hotel’s business manager can often use his or her initiative to liaise with other local businesses to offer an attractive range of such inducements. So when your company books a stay in a hotel for you, it is often worth asking the hotel staff whether they have any benefits which they can offer you, as a loyal and valued customer.

This post was contributed by Sarah Smith a freelance writer specializing in business matters such as booking meeting rooms in London or conference rooms in Manchester.


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