Sneak Peak at the Coolest Offices in the UK

An office is typically perceived as a static, uninviting and generally speaking – boring place to work. This has changed dramatically in the modern day and age, with some of the biggest companies in the UK taking the lead and transforming their office space. The reason? It’s appealing, people want to go to work, they enjoy going to work, they spend longer there and it attracts new employees. If you want to transform your office space and need inspiration why not take a cheeky peak at these great offices, all of which are based in the UK. You won’t believe your eyes.

Google Offices

Google offices are without a doubt the crème de la crème! They are bright, quirky, playful and how do you say- cool. Their unique offices represent their unconventional approach to business and have pushed the stereotypical image of web-centred businesses filled with bean bags and pizza to a whole new level.

They value their employees and their employees understandably value working for such a company.

Nike Office

The Nike office is clean, crisp and cool, just like the ice blue tones of its walls. The Nike office has TV’s and sporting equipment at every turn. As an office, it represents the brand and is exciting, clean-cut and fresh.
There is lots of natural light, which makes the whole place seem larger and considerably more spacious. This airy and exciting office is a fantastic place to work and to successfully entertain business partners. Designing an office similar to this would be relatively easy, all you would require is a professional interior designer who has a firm grasp of commercial requirements and all-round branding.

Red Bull Office

Red Bull’s London office reveals their fun side; just like their funny and witty adverts and marketing tag lines. Their office has a slide and brightly coloured seating and flooring for an ultra-modern working environment. There is lots of natural an artificial lighting throughout the office, making it a peasant working environment.

Businesses are increasingly improving the workplace, particularly as they realise the effect it can have on productivity. It’s precisely for this reason why many businesses are incorporating gyms and relaxing corners, so that employees are less inclined to leave, enjoy spending time at their workplace and ultimately do more work. How cleaver of them!

Mind Candy

Nowadays offices have become an effective form of branding. Mind Candy is a gaming company, and just like their business the office is bright, quirky and slightly surreal. It looks fantastic, and while this is just were the staff eat it still gives you an exciting glimpse into their world.

While these are the coolest offices in the UK a normal office can still represent the business brand, working ethos and identity through their office design. So, look around? Is your office an accurate representation of your business?

This article was written by Gayle Brown on behalf of Commercial Interiors & Storage Ltd; they can design a commercial interior design which accurately represents your business, click here to visit their website or to get in touch.


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