Delivery Dilemmas

There are very few things that are more frustrating for waiting in all day for a delivery which never arrives. It’s not just the time off work and inconvenience, it’s the lack of customer service and poor impression it leaves of the company that really gets our blood boiling. With an increasing number of us moving away from traditional high street shopping to buying online, the problem of how to actually get the items we’ve paid for is becoming more of an issue.

Premium Service

Retailers are well aware of the fact we hate waiting in all day for a delivery so many of them have reacted to this by introducing premium pricing on their deliveries. If you pay a little more, they will then give you a guaranteed time slot for your package to arrive, typically 4 hours rather than the standard, annoying, 8am to 8pm slot which keeps you at home all day. Depending on what you’re ordering, it can be worth paying the extra to get your sofa, new suit or valuable jewellery on time.

Delivery to Store

The other option offered by most of the larger retailers such as Next, Marks & Spencer, Asda and Tesco is having your items delivered to your local store rather than to your home. Delivery to store is free, but if it takes an hour in the car and £10 worth of fuel to get there, it’s not really worth the saving. Most of us get things delivered to the house because we don’t want the hassle of going to the shops, but using the click and collect system means that you can order things which are not stocked locally and still not pay for delivery.

Large Items

Sometimes there is no option but to have items delivered. If you’re buying a new sofa, or set of dining table and chairs from National Furniture, you can’t just pick it up and throw it in the boot of the car. Many of the larger retailers like National Furniture have their own delivery network, meaning that your items will arrive on a specified day, along with an extra pair of hands to help bring the new sofa or dining set right into the house. Most good delivery companies will also give you a ring in the morning of the delivery day to give a more accurate delivery window, so you won’t have the frustration of popping to the shop for a pint of milk and finding you’ve missed the van.

Outlying Areas

Those of us who live in big cities like Leeds, Glasgow or Bristol don’t need to think twice when hitting the “buy” button on a website or ordering a new sofa. Things aren’t so simple for people who live in the more remote areas of the UK, such as Northern Ireland or the Scottish Highlands. Many delivery companies just don’t deliver to these areas at all, or if they do, the freight charges can be enormous. In some cases, it’s cheaper to hire a van and drive to the nearest large town to collect the item than it is to pay the courier charges.

Guest blogger M. Peers is an avid online shopper and knows good service when she sees it, that’s why she shops online for furniture at National Furniture UK where they have affordable furniture and great delivery rates.


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