Reduce Employee Stress in the New Year

After all the parties and merry making, your employees will probably dread going back to work especially if they left feeling stressed and frustrated. Stressed employees are less productive, make more mistakes and often treat customers badly. Stressed employees are also more prone to illness.

Remind your employees about healthy practices such as eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep. Aside from that, you as the employer can do some changes in the office to help them cope with stress better.

Move meetings

Don’t hold your meetings in a boring, stuffy room. Go out with your team and walk. Talk while you are walking. You can also go to the park or a coffee shop and hold your meetings there. You can also schedule a lunch meeting at a restaurant. You can unwind and accomplish something at the same time.

Encourage collaboration

Encourage your employees to help each other and work together. This makes your staff closer. Younger staff can learn from older staff. They can also finish tasks faster. This will also encourage professionalism among them. Remember how we were assigned into groups when we were in school? This encourages creativity and ideas to flow resulting to a better project.

Celebrate achievements

It’s easy to go from one success to another especially if you have several big sales or exciting accomplishments without taking some time off and recognizing the people responsible for the success. You must always celebrate these moments in order to encourage your staff and motivate them to do better. It is also a way to make them feel appreciated and part of the company.

Provide good equipment

Is your staff using 10-year old equipment? The New Year is a good time to invest in some new equipment. There are a lot of sales going around that will allow you to get a good deal on some new computers and equipment. Your staff will appreciate the help and the New Year “gifts”. Your staff will be happier and be more productive.

Your employees are one of your best and most important assets. Stress affects all of us and we can overcome it with a few changes in our every day routine. It is your responsibility to make sure that everyone in your company is happy. Spend some time with your staff from time to time so that you can get an idea of what stresses affect them daily and do something about it if you can.

This article was written by Jean Norman, an entrepreneur by the day, blogger at night and full time mom. If you enjoyed this article, please visit my site for more tips for entrepreneurs and mortgages for contractors


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