The Importance of a Custom Trade Show Display

Industry trade shows represent ideal venues for business owners expand their customer bases by promoting their goods and services using a face to face format. Trade shows can attract large numbers of existing and potential customers to one single location, providing exhibitors with a plethora of opportunities to meet clients in person and showcase new products. However, with the average trade show featuring over one thousand exhibitors, it is crucial for business owners to distinguish themselves from competing exhibitors in order to maximize the return on their investment.

One of the best ways for a company to stand out from fellow exhibitors is to utilize a trade show display that is both eye-catching and personalized. Trade show displays can be designed in-house by the exhibiting company or they can be customized by a firm that specializes in the construction of trade show displays. While it is typically more costly to hire a firm to create a trade show display, trade show display specialists often have years of experience in developing displays and can produce a more professional looking display in a faster amount of time. Trade show display firms are also advantageous because they often offer the opportunity for potential exhibitors to see a wide range of sample displays of varying sizes, styles, and price points.

Before investing time and resources in the development of a trade show display, there are several variables that must be determined. The first is size. Exhibitor displays often must adhere to spatial constraints. In-line exhibitors or those with smaller display areas often face height restrictions as well as length and width limitations. Such restrictions are typically outlined in an exhibitor prospectus, which is supplied to exhibiting companies prior to the exhibition.

The second variable to consider is portability. Because trade shows are often held in other states or countries, the display should be portable and as easy as possible to ship and store. Ideally, the display should include a carton or container that can house all display components. Finally, the components of the display should be well coordinated and should be appealing to visitors. Many exhibitors utilize displays with color schemes or logos that matches those of their respective companies. More elaborate displays sometimes include customized furniture, such as stools or chairs that feature the company name. Such touches can make a trade show booth feel more inviting and can increase the length of time that an attendee will visit with an exhibiting company.

Regardless of whether one opts to create a custom trade show display in-house or hire a specialist to undertake the task, securing a custom trade show display requires thought and planning on the part of the exhibitor. A well-constructed trade show display must comply with common trade show guidelines pertaining to size, construction, and content. It can be easily seen from a distance and effectively conveys the nature of the products or services offered by the exhibiting company. Most important, a customized trade show display can be used at multiple exhibits and is durable enough to be reused for years.

Bart Schwartzman is a freelance writer with a love of conventions. He has found that the displays created by Exhibit Solutions Inc 4 Edvac Drive Brampton, ON L6S 5P2(905) 799-8950 are by far some of the industries best customized displays.


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