Dutch Food Manufacturing Giants Secure 4,000 Jobs for Industry

Vion, the Dutch food giant, has safeguarded around 4,000 food manufacturing jobs for the industry through a buyout of its UK pork operations. The move has been backed by private equity firm Endless due to the company’s great track record when it comes to investing in the right companies across a wide range of sectors in the United Kingdom.

Staff Security

Many who work in the food manufacturing industry in the UK will be very relieved following some initial concerns amongst suppliers, staff and customers. The Vion deal works extremely well for the pork business in particular, as it secures the future of many staff. This makes the buyout a welcome boost for food manufacturing jobs in the UK.

Maintain and Expand

The new managing director of the outfit has stated that he has two main ambitions for the venture. The first of these is to maintain the excellent levels of customer service and product quality that already exist and the second is to build further on the opportunities that exist in the market place to expand the business. This will ensure that orders continue to be secured from all of the major UK supermarkets.

Food Sites Across the UK

Pork facilities run by the Dutch multi-national organisation are currently situated in Enfield, Stoke, Hull, Wiveliscombe, Malton, Haverhill and Scunthorpe as well as Cookstown in Northern Ireland and Brydock in Aberdeenshire.

The firm’s next major objective is to secure the sales of Vion’s remaining red meat and poultry operations in the United Kingdom, this currently accounts for around 8,000 food manufacturing jobs. These negotiations are currently in the process of being concluded with several prospective buyers.

UK Buyout

Vion decided to sell its UK operations due to the fact that they have decided to focus solely on their core food activities in Holland and Germany as well as its international ingredients activities.

Positive for British Food

This has turned out to be Endless’ gain however as they have been given the opportunity to get involved with a strategically important business in the United Kingdom food sector. A spokesperson stated recently, that they were delighted to be able to contribute to the sector at a time when customer demands for high quality British foods are increasing.  Their latest projects include work with the likes of Crown Paints, Acenta Steel and Niagara LaSalle.

This article has been written on behalf of Focus Management Consultants, the food industry experts in the UK and abroad.  


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