Crazy Investment Ideas That Actually Paid Off!

Getting some money behine you can be a great way to make some serious changes to your life.  With this injection of cash you could fund new projects and make new investments.  Borrowing money can be the only way for many people to afford to make improvements that could benefit their whole lives.

People though he was Crazy!

Many of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world are those people that are willing to take risks.  They invest in ideas that they believe in, no matter how crazy other people may think they are.  This can be the only way to get ahead sometimes as more traditional and ‘safe’ investment opportunities tend to only offer modest returns.  By taking a risk and investing money into new and exciting projects many people have made a lot of money and transformed their lives.

Borrow the Money You Need

Of course most of us simply don’t have a spare lump sum of cash sitting in our banks to use for investment.  This means we could be missing out on some fantastic opportunities.  However these days it has become much easier to borrow money. This enables us to get instant access to lump sums of cash that we can then pay off in manageable instalments.  A loan can be a fantastic way for the average person to get access to the cash they need to make investments and fund exciting new opportunities.  If you have some great ideas for your future then why not take out a loan now and start making the first steps on the road to success.

Crazy investment Ideas

There have been many crazy investment ideas over the years.  Some of these were just plain ridiculous and has no chance of getting up off the ground.  However sometimes someone has a crazy idea that actually starts to make sense.  They will have tapped into a previous unknown market or hit upon the very thing that people will suddenly realise they can’t do without.  If you have a strong business model, have done your research and really believe in your product then no idea can be too crazy for success!

Here are just a few of the craziest investment ideas that have paid off over the years:

  • Doggles – glasses for dogs?  This sounds a bit crazy first off and it’s hard to imagine anyone using their own money or a loan for this investment.  However the Doggles founder really did his research.   Clothing for dogs and cats has been popular for many years now.  Small dogs are very much seen as a must-have accessory in certain circles and many people spend hundreds of pounds on trendy pet clothing.  J Doyle understood this and saw a gap in this marketplace.  If people were willing to pay money for designer pet clothing then why not take it to the next level with pet eyewear.  This business now turns over $5,000,000 per annum and provides fashion wear and also protective eyewear for working dogs and those recovering from eye operations.  A crazy idea that actually makes sense when you look at the strong research and solid business model.
  • Rage Outlets – the Japanese have a culture of extreme politeness in public.  However they get angry and frustrated just like anyone else.  This prompted an entrepreneur to come up with the crazy idea of ‘The Venting Place’. This outlet is simply a place people can go and vent pent-up anger and frustration.  The outlet has a room filled with crockery and glasses.  The customer can go in and spend a few moments smashing everything within their reach.  This business was an instant hit in Tokyo and now turns over millions of dollars every year!
  • Geese Police – a team of expertly trained collie dogs policing geese on golf courses?  Sounds a bit crazy at first. However geese are a real pest on golf courses around the world.  They are aggressive at protecting their territories and their droppings make a real mess on the greens.  Geese are a nuisance and ruin many golfers relaxing rounds.   Dave Marcks realised that border collies are particular good at deterring geese from making their homes on water sections of golf courses.  He trained an elite band of handlers and collies.  These Geese Police are now a fixture on many prominent golf courses and the business nets around $2.5 million every year.  A strange but profitable investment for a start-up loan!

Sarah Fox is a freelance blogger and fan of all that is strange and bizarre in the business world.  She encourages people to reach for their dreams and use a loan to help get the capital they need to get started.


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