Is Your Shipping Policy Losing You Business?

What are your shipping policies? Are they simple enough to understand or do your clients need a lawyer present in order to understand them. Note that it’s not only your sales and marketing strategy that is affecting your sales, your shipping policy is a major player as well.

Customer service

There are several sides to shipping. One aspect is customer service. Is your shipping policy in your website user-friendly? Can users click on different links to be taken to the exact information that they are looking for? Be sure to put all main topics with their sub-topics on top of your page. Make them all clickable and make sure that all the links work. Clearly state your policy for each one. Place prices as this is the most important thing clients check. If you can’t give an exact price for a particular place, place a link to your customer support desk (email or online form) so that your customers can inquire quickly. You should also place a toll-free number.

That’s the front end. Now we go to the back end. If somebody does call your office for help regarding shipping, who will answer the call? Make sure that you put a knowledgeable person who is friendly, respectful and patient. Have a supervisor on standby just in case.

Store Policies

Your shopping policies should go hand-in-hand with your shipping policies. Make sure that they are client-friendly. Remember that your clients are your bosses and they should be satisfied with your policies in order to place an order.

When a customer places an order on your website, your clock should start ticking. That means if you say that it takes 1-3 days to ship an item, the moment you receive the order, you should start the countdown for 3 days. Make sure to be able to ship the item within the timeframe. One factor that affects this is how you process your orders. If you are using a contract packing or order fulfilment company, be sure that your provider understands that every order should be packed and shipped on time. Be aware of each other’s policies. If you are processing in-house, you should only have 3-5 steps until shipping. Remember that your customers don’t care how long it takes you to process their orders. All they care about is the “1-3 days shipping time”.

If you are not using a fulfilment company, find a good courier that you can rely on. Royal Mail and USPS are good examples.

Allow your clients to cancel

If your client is unhappy, allow them to just cancel their order and make sure you don’t charge them for it. Some companies make silly charges for cancelled orders just so the client won’t cancel the order or they can at least get something out of the transaction. Instead of gaining a happy customer that might order again in the future, you definitely just lost one.

Start reviewing your shipping policies. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you are happy with it, chances are your customers will be too.

My name is Nick Kirk. I’m a small business owner and blogger. I have a website named franking prices


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