Creating A Brick And Mortar Business Through Online Video Content

One of the potential downsides of an online business is the lack of any physical presence. A department store or restaurant can set up shop in a place they think is optimal and generate a lot of advertisement just with its physical location. People can walk in the store and have a look around or ask questions to one of the employees. This kind of personal interaction is necessary for establishing trust and giving your company a human face.

If you are an online-based company or simply want to reach out to more people, there are still ways to give customers the “look and feel” experience of a brick and mortar business. One of the best ways to do this is through video content. Videos today are easier than ever to make. Sometimes all you need is a smart phone. They are also easy to upload and post on your website. Look at the some of the following ways video content can increase brand trust.

The Human Face

In the modern world, with all its advanced communication technologies, face-to-face interaction is becoming less and less common. It is easy for a company to hide behind the curtain of websites and social media. However, it is difficult for customers to develop a trusting relationship with someone they cannot see. Videos of people talking, especially people like the CEO of the company, help develop that personal connection.

Verbal Description

Some people simply do not like to read. They would rather walk into a store and ask an employee about a product than read a description of it on a website or magazine. Videos are easy to watch and don’t require much effort. People may skim written text and not fully retain it. With verbal descriptions however, people will get all the information they need and will likely remember it for a longer period of time. The tone, inflection, humor or excitement of the speaker is much more memorable and persuasive than written text.

Seeing the Product in Action

Videos provide you the opportunity to show rather than tell. If you are selling vacuums for example, you can take a video of a vacuum cleaning up a dirty carpet. This is much more effective than simply writing on your website, “this vacuum does a great job at cleaning dirt”. The reason many people still shop in stores is because they want to see and touch the product on their own. Videos of the product in action give them a similar experience. One example of this is the BlendTec “Will it Blend?” marketing campaign. To demonstrate the power and durability of their blenders, they make videos showing them blend the most random items. These videos took YouTube by storm, and had a huge impact on the success of the company.

Customer Interaction

Video content is also a place where you can establish a conversation with customers. An essential element of trust for a customer is knowing they can ask questions and get quick feedback, as if they were in a physical store. Ask viewers to respond to your videos in a comment section. Take those comments into account and address them specifically in your next video. If a customer isn’t able to ask questions and get a response before they buy a product, they wont trust you to care about them after they buy the product either.

About the Author: Lindsey Patterson is a freelance writer who specializes in technology.  She also is a freelance writer for Vivint.  Be sure to follow them as well via Vivint’s Twitter.


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