Your Guide To Shipping Fragile Items

Nothings more upsetting than finding out that the item you were shipping is broken on transit. Not only is it a pain for the recipient but you now have to replace the item and repeat the process all over again! Here we have a list of how to prepare yourself properly in order to avoid this situation at all costs!

Fragile Packaging

  • The right packing materials – You’re going to need the right materials to ensure that your item won’t budge during transit. You will need bubble wrap, packing peanuts, duct tape and a large enough box to fit the item, but not so big as it will move around too much.
  • Take photos – Take photos of your items before they are packed up. If they somehow break when being shipped you can use these photos as proof that they left your care in good condition.
  • Prepare your box – Makes sure it’s a good size for the item you’re shipping and then cover the bottom with a couple of layers of packing peanuts and bubble wrap.
  • Wrap your items – Get your item and wrap it with bubble wrap until you cannot feel the item through the bubble wrap. Even if you think you have used enough bubble wrap on the item, if you can still feel it through the bubble wrap than there is a risk of it breaking.
  • Items go into the box – Put your securely wrapped items into the box on top of your packing peanuts and bubble wrap, leaving space between the items and the surrounding walls of the box. Don’t forget to put bigger items in before the smaller ones.
  • Add packing peanuts – You want the packing peanuts to fill up the gaps between the walls and the items and any other spaces in-between. The less room the items have to move about, the less likely you will have any breakages.
  • To finish off – Add a final layer of packing peanuts to the top and add any letters, cards or invoices that need to be included. Now tape up your box and give it a slight shake to make sure nothing will be moving around. Print off your shipping label and attach it to an easy to see spot on the box.
  • Writing ‘Fragile’ – If the item is particularly delicate than consider writing “Fragile” on the box in large, easy to see letters. Don’t rely on the post office or courier service to do this for you, they might forget or make it too small to be noticed.
  • Check Insurance policies – Check the insurance policies of the shipping companies before you sent off your parcel. Some companies may not insure you package if you packed it yourself, however the post office always will.
  • Tracking your package – Consider getting a tracking number for your package if you have the option to do so. By doing this you can inform the recipient on the packages arrival and track it if it gets lost.

James Harper is a keen ebayer and knows the value of a high feedback score. James ensures his customers receive their products in top condition by using UK Packaging who are experts in quality packaging materials.


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