Use Your Customers’ Information Without Getting Into Trouble

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns of a customer that’s why it’s very hard to make her sign up and divulge her personal data. As an entrepreneur, you need these data in order to make effective sales and marketing programs. So how do you go about it without getting into trouble? Here are some tips.

Be honest

First of all, you need to be honest with your customers. You have to tell them the reason why you are asking for their information. You have to inform them how you are going to use it and how you will protect it. If you are going to share this information with a third party, you should also state who the third party is and how they are going to use the data.

Don’t ask for sensitive information

Don’t ask for personal numbers, home numbers, Social Security numbers, income, details about their families, etc. Your customers will be suspicious about your activities. The usual data that you need are name, email address, mailing address, phone number and age bracket. Ask for credit card details only for payment purposes. If you are not an eCommerce site, skip the credit card details.

Get protection

Get a seal of approval from Internet privacy organizations so that your customers will be more comfortable sharing their information with you. Inquire from different providers to get the best one for you.

Opt out

Your customers should have the freedom to say no. They have the right to keep their information from you and go to another vendor. Don’t violate this Internet rule.

How to make them share their information

There are many ways to entice your customers to divulge their private information. One is to give them discounts. You can offer discounts if they let them allow you to save their shopping cart data. Be sure to tell them why you are tracking their data though.

You can email them with third party information, promos and discounts. You can tell your customers that you need their information so that you can send them information regarding their interests but don’t share their information with the third party unless you have permission to do so. On the other hand, you can also ask for a fee from these third party suppliers so that they can advertise on your newsletters and websites.

Another way to entice customers to give information is by inviting them to secret sales. Before they can see the special sale items, ask them to fill up a simple questionnaire.

You really don’t have to worry about getting and sharing your customers’ information as long as you remain honest to them, respect them and use their information legally.

My name is Keith W. I’m a business blogger and entrepreneur. My website is geared towards eCommerce and information about franking machines and the best prices for franking machines.


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