Start-Ups: Effective Marketing Is Key To Success

Marketing Tips for Starts Ups

It is an aggressive market out there and new entrepreneurs need to be up to date with the latest marketing strategies to get their brands selling. Fortunately, there are some marketing tips for start ups that will help you get your products or services noticed. Konstantin Guericke a co-founder of LinkedIn and their first marketing VP now uses his time to mentor start ups based on his success. He recently shared some marketing tips for start ups with Venture Village on his visit to Berlin.

1. Know What You Want Your Business To Be When It Grows

The most essential thing in marketing is having a clear message and position, and this has not changed a bit. This should be your starting point. This might be quite challenging for start ups as you are still on the process of learning what things are.

However, it is very influential for the brand when you start with your positioning and stick to it. In case, 6 months later, you are saying you are something else, then you lack trust. Therefore, work on your positioning and do not launch until you are sure what your position and message is.

2. Get Seriously Investigative and Stick to It

There is a problem with the word of mouth because it is very unpredictable. At times it just works greatly but there is no means of controlling it. Today, there is what Konstantin calls ‘word of mouse’.

With this, you can tell who clicks what and where, which helps you know who shares what with whom and users who are helping to bring on others. Today, it is hard to succeed if you are not good at developing marketing structures that use this strategy, and being very industrious at tracking it.

3. Develop a Sound Board of Users

It is worthy having some people who are kind or representative, but those who know you well and you know them. Some people have a customer advisory board in place, and this can be very helpful. However, you have to do this not only for show but essentially taking it in as well. These users will not give you answers but can help you in understanding the problem better. It is your job to make out the answers.

4. Do Not Be a Tourist

People set two weeks aside where they do their company’s launch, try to find appointments with various press people and try to attend networking events. Regularly, they are looking for funding. They want to be introduced to any investor they come across. However, that is not how business relationships work. You need to take enough time to create a mutual relationship with potential investors. Offer something before you can even ask for anything. This will take some time as you have to be aware of what the other party could use help with.

5. It Is Okay To Second-Guess Previous Decisions

Some decisions made initially might require some adjustments later. When you feel need to do this, remember it is acceptable. While your initial decision was right, as a start up you should look at your old choices to see if it is now time to make changes.

Jeffrey is an aspiring entrepreneur who works with Guardall, a leading safes company based in Australia. He is never not working on coming up with the next million dollar idea.


One thought on “Start-Ups: Effective Marketing Is Key To Success

  1. Jason

    I’m just in the start up stage of my company and want to establish it a bit more. Have read a few bits and bobs on it, but want some first hand advice. How effective do you think it is in terms of marketing your products and services? And are there any companies that will do it for you? I’m not that good technology wise ha!

    Thank you, Joanne x


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