Focus On Saving Your Business

We are only in the second month of 2013 and we have already seen four major chains go into administration, if big chains like Jessop’s cannot pull through the recession, what chances do smaller businesses have? It is thought that since the recession hit the UK, business has now slowed down by up to 70%; this has had a major effect on big and small chains.

You should not let the recession close your business; instead you should focus on saving your business.


If you have noticed a massive reduction of sales in your business, the last thing you probably feel like doing is socialising, but trust me it is essential that you do. A way to successfully socialise and to get more business is by going to a variety of networking events, you should go to as many different events as possible this way you can build a stronger brand and more people will know about your business and what you are selling.

You should fight the recession as much as possible and you name and products out there.

Avoid Negative Messages

Each and every day I will start the day by switching on the news and end it in a similar way, you must be careful to avoid the negative messages, especially the negative news about business that is portrayed through the news each day. If possible you should actually avoid watching the news too much as it can make you feel extremely negative.

Motivate Yourself

It is likely that you are currently feeling very stressed if your business is not as doing as well as it once was, instead of sitting back and watching your business fail, you should get up and motivate yourself. A great way to give yourself motivation is through exercise, it gives you the perfect opportunity to clear your mind of all your stresses and worries.

You may not have the time in the day to go to the gym; instead you can just walk a few flights of stairs or go for a morning jog to give your day a better start.

Industry Trends

You should take the time to learn about new industry trends and aspects of business, this way you can keep your business up to date with the latest wants and needs. You should investigate what similar businesses to you are doing to keep their businesses up and running, this way you will not be left behind.

Take Pride in What You Have Accomplished

You should take the time to think about what you have accomplished in the past, this will give you the motivation to learn that anything is possible. It is much easier to remember uncompleted tasks or projects that did not go well in the past, this can put a negative spin on what you currently have leaving you feeling unmotivated.

Paul opened his own business and decided to use conference logistics from  to attend a lot more trade shows to build up business.


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