Make Running Your Business As Simple As Possible

Many of us choose the long way round, the difficult way, making day to day tasks much more complex than they need to be. As a business owner you will already feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the day. There is a lot to manage and you’re not going to be brilliant at every single aspect. Make life a little easier and buy some more time without cutting corners.

Organize Everything!

From your cupboards and drawers to the daily running of your business, the more organised you are the more time you will save. Think about how often you waste time because you’ve misplaced something or you can’t find the data you need on your computer. We waste time every day because we are disorganised.

In any business being overly organised is essential. Set up a filling system on any computer used for your business and use drop box so you can share files between systems. Record everything; whether it be refunds, profit, complaints or bookings, having a record of everything means you will never be in a stick situation.

Draw up daily do to lists for yourself and all your tasks, a great idea is to make a copy on excel so that staff can access it and change it accordingly for the day.

Ensure Staff Are Fully Trained

There is nothing worse than having to pick up the slack from your staff when you already have a lot on your plate. Ensuring your staff are fully trained in all areas necessary means they can do their job as well as possible. Untrained staff are bound to be slower and unsure of how to handle everything leaving you to pick up the pieces. Send your staff on training days or ask one of your senior members to teach them everything they know. You will soon find that your work load lightens a little when everything is being run properly.

Out Source Small Services

We all know of those minor jobs that seem so tedious but are still essential that we have to do on a monthly basis, well consider out sourcing them. This should give you some extra time and free you up to focus on what is really important to your business. Services you could out source is book keeping, public relations, social media management and payroll services. You’ll soon find handing these jobs over to a professional will make your day to day job a little easier and you can be sure the jobs are being done properly.

Eilidh MacRae works for Trace Payroll who provide payroll services. 


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