The Importance Of Workplace Hygiene

Keeping the workplace clean is essential, whatever industry you’re in. Not only is a clean workplace good for workers, but it’s also in the interest of employees – after all, if there are viruses and germs flying around the workplace, you may find that your team is frequently decimated by illnesses. This could cost your business a considerable amount of money, so it’s well worth making the effort to ensure that your workplace is as hygienic as possible. The initial costs associated with maintaining workplace hygiene effectively pay for themselves through higher productivity. However, workplace hygiene can sometimes be a delicate issue and some employers are reluctant to push too hard on it. Here are some suggestions you may wish to bear in mind to ensure that your workplace is as clean as possible.

Provide cleaning materials

Place hand gel in certain areas of the workplace could help to maintain workplace hygiene, and ensure that employees are encouraged to use it regularly. You should also ensure that employees have easy access to water in order to stay hydrated. Furthermore, you should ensure that the workforce follows basic standards of hygiene in order to reduce the spread of infections. It might be an idea to put clear rules in place for using communal areas such as office kitchens. Of course, office kitchens can often be the source of much disagreement in the workplace, so it makes sense to ensure that everybody knows how to treat these shared facilities with a degree of respect.

Tidy desk = tidy mind

The importance of keeping desks clean should also be stressed. Desks can often be havens for germs, and this is something that many office workers are simply unaware of. It’s all the more important to ensure that desks are kept clean seeing as so many workers now eat their lunch at their desks – this is an increasingly common phenomenon in the workplace, as the boundaries between lunch breaks and working hours become increasingly blurred. It makes sense, therefore, to point out to workers just what the potential health risks could be if they fail to ensure that desks are cleaned properly on a regular basis.

Keep illness out of the office

You should also ensure that you have a clear illness policy in place. This policy needs to be a sensible one that’s fair to your workers. Don’t put pressure on workers to come into the workplace when they’re genuinely feeling under the weather – this is just a surefire way of putting others at risk of bugs and infections. Again, this is likely to prove counter-productive from the perspective of the employer, as other members of the team fall ill as a consequence. Ensure that employees know they should stay home when they feel genuinely ill.

Everybody needs to do their bit

Personal hygiene also needs to be taken into consideration. It stands to reason that this is a delicate topic – nobody likes to be told that their personal hygiene isn’t up to scratch – but nevertheless, poor personal hygiene can cause problems in the workplace. Try to handle the matter sensitively when problems arise, and don’t lambast people for not living up to the expected personal hygiene standards. Simply stress the importance of maintaining general standards of hygiene around the workplace, and make it clear that it’s important for each individual member of the team to uphold their end of the bargain.

This guest post contributed by Chris Fleming, who urges everyone to keep that chef whites clothing spotless.


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