What Companies Gain By Promoting From Within

It’s great to be able to promote members of staff and to recruit managers from within. A lot of companies try and do this wherever possible and the popularity of the approach is testament to the fact that it works. Of course, the important thing is to put employees through the necessary training so that they can apply successfully for management roles that surface from time to time.

So what exactly do companies stand to gain when they develop members of staff in this way?
An enhanced reputation

First of all, demonstrating a commitment to employee development is very good for the reputation of the business in question. Treating employees well and giving them opportunities is the perfect why to tell the world that you are prepared to invest in people.

This reflects incredibly well on the brand and shows a responsible professional outlook.
Attracting the best talent

Companies that offer plenty of opportunities for promotion and development stand a chance of being included in lists of great companies to work for. However, even if they don’t make it onto those lists, word will get around that they do treat their employees well in terms of training and development. This often means they can attract the very best talent out there and that obviously has huge benefits.

A smoother transition

When you create a new managerial position or recruit new talent to take over a vacant managerial position you want as smooth a transition as possible. Staff are in a better position to hit the ground running if they already know the business and have existing relationships with other members of staff across different departments. Proper managerial training will get them up to speed when it comes to their new role but they’ll already be up to speed as far as the dynamics of your operations are concerned.

A more skilled workforce

Ultimately, all this training and development leads to a more skilled workforce. It means that people who come into the business lower down the ladder can add to their skillsets over time so that when they reach the top they have built up a really impressive CV. Their skills will help you to grow and to do more good work in your chosen area. This internal movement of staff also means that those at the very top know what it’s like to be at the very bottom. This gives them a more sensitive perspective when it comes to the way they lead people.

Arnie Phillips was enrolled on a leadership course with Human Technics to help him adapt to a new managerial post.


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