A Massive New Government NSA Building Is Being Constructed

Most people in the world haven’t heard of Bluffdale, Utah. But with a recent construction project going up in the area, this city is soon to hold its own prominent place on the map. In fact, many people around the globe will have reason to have interest in Bluffdale, Utah.

So why is Bluffdale receiving a soon-to-be celebrity status? That is because of what is being built there.

NSA Building Massive New Government Building

The United States’ National Security Agency is in the process of construction a building in Bluffdale, Utah that is going to be four times bigger than the United States’ Capitol. The NSA’s million square foot “Utah Data Center,” with its $2 billion budget, is the size of 17 football fields, and 18 times bigger than the White House. Plans on this building began 10 years ago, and it is expected to be completed by September of this year.

What is the purpose of this massive building?

So what is the purpose of this massive building? And why are so many Americans up in arms about the construction of this building?

This building is basically being built as an extremely large-scale data center, or “spy center.” The purpose of this massive building is to house massive databases that will be able to collect, sift through, analyze, and store data. It will be collecting data from emails, cell phone calls, Internet searches, stock and business transactions, and more. The data that this massive data center is collecting is based off of communications to and from United States citizens. Not only will this supercomputer intercept, store, and analyze our communications, but it also has programs set up to seek out and decipher potential codes that may be used.

The NSA says that the purpose of them collecting and deciphering this type of data is to help them against the war on terror. The NSA, which is a branch of the U.S.’ Department of Defense, will use this building and supercomputer to try to continue its efforts to protect our country from foreign and domestic terrorism. This data center is being built for the purpose of gathering intelligence to help the NSA in its efforts. They will be looking into this communication data to try to find potential terrorists, as well as to try to help stop cyber warfare and economic espionage that they say we are in constant threat of.

So back to the second question: why are so many Americans so upset about the construction of this building? It’s because many Americans believe that this building, and what will be done in the building, are a violation of our privacy and our rights as individuals. When President Bush initially proposed his plans for a “total information awareness” program in 2003, many Americans were outraged because they felt it invaded our privacy. While this NSA building isn’t necessarily an official part of Bush’s proposal, Many Americans still feel that it is invading our privacy.

Whether you like it or not, plans for this building are moving forward. It is up to you to decide whether or not you feel this building, and the data they will be gathering in it, invade your privacy. But one thing’s for sure: we all better make way on our maps for the massive building that the NSA is constructing, and be prepared for the activity that will be going on inside of it.

Nicole is a writer in the construction and building industry. She recommends TTFS construction barricades


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