5 Business Conferences You Must Attend

Whether it is looking for new clients to network with or to learn about the latest trends in your business, attending a conference is one of the best, and sometimes most profitable, investments that you could make.  Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur or tech head there is something in this list for everybody. So lets not waste any more time, let’s dive straight in.


Let’s not get confused here; there are two festivals of the same name but quite different.  SXSW is a music conference, which is set in the heart or Austin, Texas which showcases some of the best and biggest bands around.  However, I am talking about SXSW Interactive, which instead, showcases the biggest and best from the world of technology.

The festival hosts compelling presentations from the brightest and emerging talents in the world of technology.  There are also amazing sessions from the all aspects of marketing, technology and productivity and a whole host more.  Highlights this year was the attendance of Matt Cutts (head of Google Webspam team) and gesturing technology was also the main technological highlight.

This event is not to be missed.

Content Marketing World

This conference is for marketing and PR professionals who develop and strategize for content marketing projects.  This is the person who, in some way, develops and produces pieces of work, which are intended to further a brand through social media or link building efforts.

This conference will have it all whether you are producing content for print media or digital.  There will be ideas on how to present and curate your data to fully maximize your syndication and production efforts.

SMX – Social Media Marketing

Buying social media advertising or managing a social community sphere?  SMX is the conference for you.  Based in Las Vegas, Nevada you will lots to inspire you including expert knowledge and you will meet people who, like you, will have faced similar issue to yourself and resolutions can be made.

This event is tactic heavy two-day conference, which you will almost certainly get something out of to take back to your business, clients or community.

Traffic and Conversions Summit

If your business is online then you will know the importance of attracting customers to your website and more importantly converting sales.  Based in San Francisco, Cal, this conference isn’t like most conferences as the team at Digital Marketer hosts it.

Items that will be covered off will be social commerce, inbound and outbound marketing, crowd funding and optimizing all your web channels during this three day event.

The Small Business Summit

Last but by no mean least is the Small Business Summit.  Based in New York City, this event brings together 400 small business owners to discuss ideas and learn how to grow their businesses.  This conference features keynotes speakers, case studies that focus on a huge number of topics.  Branding, technology and sales are also the order of the day so be sure to check it out if you’re a small business owner.

Michael Jones loves business and blogging and helping others out through his writing.  Michael has been providing companies with branded lanyards for many years no and often assists in promoting his company at conference events.


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