How To Make Your Business Stand Out In A Digital Age

We live in an era where data is at our fingertips anywhere we have a signal. If you’re looking for a movie to see, all you need to do is say or type something in your mobile device, and you’ll have showtimes, reviews and pricing information. If you want to find a particular service within your area, you can just type in a few words into a search engine, and you’ll find any number of companies that specialize in that particular service. However, with all of this convenience, there comes a challenge for businesses: branding. There is so much out there, it might be hard to distinguish yourself from everyone else. Here are some things to keep in mind in order to help potential customers understand your business to differentiate yourself from other similar businesses:

Social media allows you to speak directly with your customers: What’s the first thing people do in the morning. A growing number of people are checking their Facebook and Twitter accounts in order to get the latest information. In one study of over 1600 young women, 34% of women said they check their Facebook accounts first thing in the morning. Social media has become a major part of our lives, and we utilize social media to influence our purchases. In light of this information, many businesses are using social media to speak directly with their customers. To showcase your company and give it a particular voice, it’s important to post regularly with posts, photos, surveys and other media that will encourage others to visit your site. The more you engage, the better the possibility that others will keep coming to your page.

Don’t be afraid to enter a saturated market with new advertising: If companies were afraid to enter a saturated market, there would only be a few soda, chips or water brands. One look down a grocery aisle will tell you that this isn’t the case. The important thing is to implore advertising and a message that speaks to why a customer should choose your brand over another. The first thing to consider is designing a logo and name that will be memorable. After you do this, make sure to make it visible on all of your advertising and copy.

Make Customer Experience a Priority: You can have a memorable name and great social media presence, but if you don’t take care of your customer when it matters, you won’t generate any new customers. By incorporating good customer experience management, you should be able to hold on to new customers when you draw them in. What does good customer experience management mean? Take a look at your website. Is it easy to use and does it provide a clear way to select items and pay for them? Do you send confirmation emails to ensure that a customer’s purchase has been made? If not, you might want to consider a redesign and more careful look at how you provide service to your customers. If you make the customer a priority, you’ll be more than a name:  you’ll be the business that customers can come back to for quality service.

James Cash is a part time writer with an avid love for anything business and marketing related.


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