A Guide To Entrepreneurism

Being an entrepreneur is one of the best self-proclaimed titles you can give yourself. However, getting to the point where you are worthy of calling yourself an entrepreneur is often tough and confusing. You may think you aren’t qualified to call yourself an entrepreneur.

However, what do the qualifications consist of? There are no limits or restrictions, as you don’t answer to anybody but yourself.

However, being your own boss can be tough, but pushing yourself to the limit is the key to success when beginning or even already an entrepreneur. Of course, what you really want to do is find success so that people call you an entrepreneur; it is the perfect example of a title that is much better when people give it to you, rather than being self-styled.

How Old Do You Have To Be?

There is no age limit in becoming an entrepreneur and you are never too old, and never too young. Like entrepreneurism itself, you are free to start when you want and just make it happen.

However, most entrepreneurs are very young, either high school dropouts, or recent college graduates, and some even just beginning high school. If you have ideas, ambition and a driven attitude, you are ready to begin your journey as an entrepreneur.


Of course, some business experience can be of great benefit, but with the way the internet is evolving and the freelancing industry is expanding; you can outsource certain things to be handled by real professionals. Having a financial or business background can be helpful when making decisions to take on new business ventures.

That said, often the best entrepreneurs are the ones with little experience. They have no scars from past mistakes, aren’t entrenched with particular views in any way, and have a fresh approach to what they do.

Do You Need Money?

If you are quitting your job it is suggested that you have 6 to 12 months of living expenses put aside in case of an emergency or unexpected pitfall.

However, the saying “It takes money to make money” stands truthfully. Every business needs some investment, whether it’s a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars, business and success takes money.

The Biggest Investment

One of the biggest investments you’ll invest in your business is your time. Being an entrepreneur and building a business from the ground up or even rebuilding one takes a lot of time and effort. Obviously, if you are going to invest money in developing the business, you’ll want to put all the time it takes to make it take off and get on the road to making money and being successful.

Making the big step to becoming an entrepreneur can sometimes involve taking risks. But the key to your success is proper planning, having a driven mindset and being passionate along with being creative about doing things differently than others would do.

Most of all, maintain a high profile on social media and even websites such as Enthuse and LinkedIn.

Robert is a veteran entrepreneur. As he built and helped many companies over the past 20 years, Robert now enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 grown children. However, he still maintains an active profile on Enthuse and Google+ and is looking to soon invest in a handful of internet start ups.


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