Ocean Freight Shipments – Affordable Solutions To Overseas Moves

Managing the details of your overseas move can be challenging, especially if you are moving with pets or children in tow. Here are some of the most important shipping and logistics hints for making your overseas relocation a smooth and stress-free one.

Take to the sea
While you, your family and your pets are most likely to travel to your destination via commercial airline, your household goods will generally take a slower and more circuitous route to your new home. Ocean freight companies typically provide lower-cost alternatives to air freight and can provide safe and reliable transportation for furniture, vehicles and other larger household goods.

How ocean freight shipments work
Depending on the size of the shipment, ocean shippers typically use one of three methods to transport your household goods to your overseas destination.

• Smaller shipments are placed into large wooden crates known as lift vans. These crates are then loaded onto ships using forklifts. Many lift vans can be shipped in one single journey, making this an exceptionally cost-effective way to move one or two rooms of furnishings or smaller collections of household goods.

• Private containers provide maximum room and maximum security for large quantities of household goods. Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, these containers are generally constructed of solid steel walls and are sealed at the point of origin to ensure maximum security for your goods. The smallest commonly available container size is 20 feet. These containers can hold up to four rooms’ worth of furnishings and provide cost-effective shipping and security for your overseas move.

• For shipments that require more room than lift vans can provide but that are too small for a standard container, many ocean freight forwarding companies provide grouping services that allow multiple consumers or companies to share one single container. Careful inventories are maintained on the items stored for each relocation project; this allows the shipping company to separate the shipments at their destination and ensure that each one reaches its intended destination and rightful owner without incident. These consolidated shipping services are not available from all shippers or in all areas.

In most cases, shipments intended for ocean transport must be conveyed to a seaport and placed onboard the ship by a professional packing and moving company. Some national moving companies offer these services; alternatively, you may be able to make arrangements through the ocean transport company to have your goods picked up and shipped to your new home.

Ocean transportation is a low-cost alternative to air freight and cargo arrangements. For many families, shipping household items by sea can provide reliable, secure relocation of these items to the new home and help to ensure that every aspect of the overseas move goes as smoothly as possible.

Mason is an avid writer about business and logistics. He has spent the better part of his life writing about these things. One of the topics he finds himself writing about is ocean freight forwarding. He has done many hours of research and has found plenty of information at unigrouplogistics.com 


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