Branding & Vending – The Visual Impact

Branding is all about the visuals. The impact it has on the target audience needs remain ingrained in their memories. The audience needs to connect the visual message a product conveys with a strong association to the brand. Once this connection has been firmly established a potential customer is far more likely to choose this product over another. The branding of key consumer products like clothing, accessories, food and beverages is particularly crucial to their success.

Branding and vending – the inherent relativity

Branding is a science. No one knows for certain what will work and what won’t, and why a particular technique is successful in some campaigns and not others. Hence it makes sense to take a risk when it comes to branding and advertising a particular product – trying new and radically ways of doing things will often pay off. Soon you will find that you have developed a connection between the brand and the consumer so strong so that the consumer is confident enough in the product to buy it again and again.

One very good example would be customizing the vending machine to match the essence of the brand and the dispensing product. The vending machine is the perfect platform to reach a target audience and is adaptable to suit any location. Due to the significant size of vending machines their visual impact can be very striking indeed.

Vending machines for branding – the new trend in advertising

Vending machines are the new billboards when it comes to branding and projecting an appropriate image. For example, Diet Coke has come up with the slimmest diet coke bottle dispensing vending machine. The machine’s slim-line body is synonymous with the diet aspect of the cola. This certainly appeals to the psyche of the consumer who will feel reassured that it’s not only the cola that is ‘diet’ but the machine too! Of course another more practical advantage of a slim vending machine is that it can fit almost anywhere and is eye-catching due to its uniqueness. This adaptability helps to sell products as consumers will be excited to see a vending machine in a location they wouldn’t always find one.

Not Limited to Cola Vending Machines

Along the same lines, coffee vending machines can also evoke certain feelings to the coffee drinker prior to their consumption. How? New coffee vending machines have a photographic close-up of coffee beans on the front panel of the machine. This picture serves dual purpose. First, it indicates that the vending machine serves coffee that is made of carefully selected high quality coffee beans. Second, the sight of the coffee bean reminds the consumer that they are drinking coffee made with fresh and rich beans for that ultimate coffee taste.

Vending machines acting as a reflection of the brand is creative advertising at its best. Glossy vending machines with stunning visuals will soon be found in every possible location – offices, service stations and shopping centers alike. It’s an innovative trend that is here to stay and, if used wisely, can render the same effect and impact as other higher budget campaigns.

Toni O’Sullivan is a writer for KLIX, the vending machine service by Mars Inc. Toni a keen Marketeer with extensive experience in vending.


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