5 Essential Items For Your New Office

Opening a business, or moving to a new location can be a very exciting time. Unfortunately, without careful planning, the process can also become very stressful and chaotic. What tools will your office need to perform daily operations, and how much of each item will you need? By giving careful thought to factors like these, you’ll find that your experience goes off much more smoothly. In order to get you started with the planning process, here are five important business tools that you should consider before opening up your new office.

1. High-Speed Scanners

Today, many businesses are “going green”. One valuable tool for creating a paperless filing system is a quality scanning system. Signed contracts, work orders, invoices, employee agreements, and other important paper documents can easily be scanned into your digitized system and stored for years without taking up room. In addition to saving paper and space, you’ll also eliminate the possibility of losing important data. Through firewalls and password protection, your items will be secure, but easy to access at all times. As an added bonus, you’ll appear more modern and environmentally conscientious to your clients when you e-mail copies of contracts/agreements instead of faxing them. Consider providing desktop scanners for employees who handle high volumes of paperwork, or providing a scanner for every “cluster” of work stations.

2.  High-Security Paper Shredders

Once you have scanned important documents into your system for safe storage, you’ll need to recycle the paperwork. But before you drop sensitive contracts or other papers into your recycle bin, it’s important that you are able to shred it. This will help you to avoid any security breaches or lawsuits as a result of confidential company and/or employee information being accessed through your discarded items. Be sure to invest in a high-security shredder to ensure that your business will not be compromised in any way. Shredders should be easily accessible by all employees to promote the safe disposal of paperwork.

3.  Backup Storage Systems

Whenever you’re working with electronic storage, it is imperative that you have a reliable backup system in place. Savvy operations utilize off-site, cloud-based storage solutions. By investing in such a system, you’ll be able to access your business documents and information from anywhere and you can rest assured that all of your files are secure. It’s smart to find backup systems that alert you when that statute of limits for storing certain documents has been reached. This helps you to keep your e-storage clean and running efficiently.

4. Business Telephone Systems

Your office won’t be able to get much done without a quality business phone system. Many SMBs are choosing to use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems, as they are more cost-efficient. Be sure to choose a phone system that is able to accept and host conference calls, can handle your projected call volume, and is fully scalable in the event of sudden growth within your business.

5. Plenty of Extras

Don’t run out of pens, ink cartridges, or paper in your moment of need. Always order slightly more than what you require, closely monitor your inventory, and keep ahead of your office’s needs in order to avoid catastrophe.

By following this guide and carefully considering your operation’s needs, you can hit the ground running towards a successful business.

Brielle has always enjoyed helping people start up their business. She always enjoys sharing this information with others who are looking to start their businesses as well.


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