5 Tips To Confidently Negotiate Salaries With Employers

A second job interview usually means that you aced the first one. It’s important to be adequately prepared for negotiating a higher salary than what you’re being offered. It’s possible to get higher pay without risking the job offer. There are several tips that will assist you in polishing your attitude and presenting it in a more valuable way.

Conduct Background Research

This is vital because it will enable you to gain insight on the average employee pay in the company. You will be able to make all requests within range this way. Also, when writing the cover letter and filling application forms, avoid mentioning the amount of salary expected. This will help you to avoid quoting too high or too low. For instance, you may write $65,000 per year while the company was willing to pay $80,000 per year.

Weigh Your Options

Some companies usually have human resource departments that prefer to give new job opportunities to its staff. These are mostly major airlines. In such cases, it’s best to accept a job offer at the entry-level so that you can apply for a higher post later on. Decide on a minimum salary figure as this will provide you with a vivid picture on where you need to be directing all job-hunting efforts to. Conversely, you can apply for higher posts in many companies directly depending on skills, credentials and level of experience.

Understand Your Value 

This can be used as leverage. Professionals, like those in the healthcare industry for instance, are usually in high demand. This means that they need to be paid higher salary than what is being offered elsewhere. It’s wise to use the power to your advantage. You can even mention the list of other job offers that you’ve currently received. Make this point clear to the employers but be sure to do it in an assertive manner. Avoid acting overly confident.

Let the Company Raise the Salary Issue

It’s prudent to let the human resource manager bring up the salary issue. Then, you can negotiate for an increase. However, you can still state your salary expectations. Speak without rumbling and wait for the response. Ensure that you’re aware of the benefits to be enjoyed by being part of the company and prove that you’re worth more. Mention awards and other benefits you’ve received for outstanding service.

Take Time to Accept the Offer 

Don’t jump too quickly when the company proposes a figure. Nod your head and then pause momentarily. This signifies that you’re considering it. Bosses will usually increase the figure to get you to agree, especially if they were testing you. You’ll be quite surprised to receive a higher amount than you had initially thought of.

All in all, greediness and arrogance must be avoided. Try to be as reasonable as possible. You’ll be capable of identifying a worthwhile offer according to the background research of the company. Still, walking away from other offers can work to your advantage. You may just be called back.

Michael Wang is a Singapore-based recruitment consultant and career coach. He writes advice for job-seeking professionals and gathers the latest news and career tips from one of the leading headhunters in Singapore.


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