Five Simple Rules For Securing Your Business

As a business owner, you’ve worked hard to get where you are. No matter what your specialty or product or service is, if you are succeeding it is due to an immense effort and that effort should not be wasted. Think of your data, records, transactions, merchandise, trade secrets, client list, or any other valuable that may represent potential income. Are you doing everything in your means to protect those things?

Security is paramount – everything from doors to data needs to be defended against anything that could damage your business successes. Access Control Systems, key protocol, and computer security are your best friends. Here are five extremely simple rules, from the specific to the general, that can help keep your business fortified.

  1. Use strong, layered passwords on all computers, tablets, and internet-capable devices. While this can lead to slight inconvenience for your employers, it’s necessary. The minor addition of a few extra password procedures is a small price to pay for the security it provides. An important note: you should absolutely enforce changing passwords periodically, and send out a memo informing your employees that they should not write their passwords down.
  2. Secure your smartphone. Whether it’s a Blackberry, iPhone, Galaxy, or something else, it’s a vault for your personal information, much of which includes things you’d rather others not see. You should employ the same protocols on company smartphones that you do on company computer devices. A smartphone is ubiquitous – odds are your employees will also own personal smartphones, in addition to company phones. While that is a trickier area, some policy regarding the use of personal phones during work hours or for business should be applied.
  3. Know where your keys are. Keys open doors, after all, and you’d rather know, at all times, who is going through those doors. Controlling your keys is as important as paying attention to any high tech threat. You can attach electronic key finders or similar devices to keys in your employee’s care to help ensure they are not lost. If, for any reason, a key is lost, all locks associated with it should be replaced, and all now-useless copies discarded.
  4. Install high-security deadbolts. Not all deadbolts are created equal – high security deadbolts are specifically designed to resist all manner of intrusiveness. Installing them at your place of business is a no-brainer. Built to withstand attempts at breaking, drilling, picking, or pulling, a strong deadbolt is an excellent deterrent against thieves.
  5. Install security systems. Today, security systems are extremely advanced. Access Control Systems allow different layers of security, and will often involve keyless entry, electronic access, or cardkey systems. Additionally, companies that provide access control often offer video surveillance systems, or other ways to detect intruders. They are well worth any expense.

Remember: your business is the result of your labor, and it deserves to be protected, just as your home. Neglecting security precautions places you at risk of intrusion, robbery, penetration, vandalism, and more. Outside of these five rules, focusing on security could also include the use of floor marshals, visitor management, social media policies, and more.

Paul Smith is a successful business man and writer who belives in sharing his tips of success


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