Why It Makes Sense To Start Your Business In These Times Of Austerity

With the economy still stuttering and employment figures only making slow progress upwards you may think that starting your own business now would be financial suicide. However, there are many reasons why the opposite may be closer to the truth and there could never be a better time to finally take the plunge and go it alone.

For a lot of people starting their own company represents the Holy Grail in career terms. You get to be your own boss, take the company in whichever direction you see fit and finally do something that makes getting out of bed every morning worthwhile. So what possible reasons could there be for doing all this during times of austerity? Well here are just a few.

Job Security –

It’s a sad fact that the job security for any job is pretty low right now as companies all over the world look to trim the fat and release anyone that they can afford to lose in order to save a bit of money and resources. This may include the company you work within or it may not, but either way the statistics show that your job security is likely to be the same whether you work for a business or you attempt to set up your own. Therefore it seems as though, in a lot of cases, you have just as much to lose by starting your own business than if you stuck with your current job.

If You Can Succeed Now You Can Make It Through Anything –

As professor Brain Cox, in a previous incarnation, and his band D-Ream once sang ‘things can only get better’ and so if you were able to steer your business through the current financial climate without going under then you are likely to be able to see off anything. The only good thing about this recession is that things should eventually change for the better and if you were able to emerge from the recession rubble with a functioning, profitable business then the world would be your oyster.

Help Is At Hand –

Because governments all over the world are trying to stimulate the economy in their own countries; they are offering plenty of incentives and helpful initiatives to help new businesses get up and running. This means that if you were to start your business now you would receive a lot more help than people have done in the past or may do in the future. You could find it easier right now to earn yourself a business loan, receive a business grant or take part in vital business training.

There Are Plenty Of Gaps In The Market –

It’s been high profile business news in the last few years that certain businesses have fallen foul to the recession and have dropped off the high-street horizon. And although this is sad for business on the whole it does mean that there are now plenty of gaps in the market for your business to find its niche. The trick is to learn from where these big companies went wrong and try to address some of the things that they neglected. In the dog eat dog world of business; one company’s failure could be the key to your business’s success.

Chris Mayhew has always had dreams of starting his own business and thinks there is no time like the present; even in these uncertain times. He would recommend the New Business website for helpful advice for people going through the start-up process.


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