How To Get Good Online Reviews For Your Business

More business owners are realizing the value of positive online reviews for their company. The impact online reviews can have on a business is strong, regardless of the industry. With the power to locate, research, and decide which businesses at a customer’s fingertips, a company wants to ensure that the image they see is a positive one. Customers that see good online reviews for a business are going to be more willing use that company. Savvy shoppers know that any business is going to only say good things about the company. However, reading positive reviews from customers holds much more influence.

But how do you get customers to write good reviews of your business?  In some ways it seems simple (and it really is), but the key is to be both honest and careful in how you get your reviews.  All it takes is a little effort to start building up your internet presence and receiving positive feedback from customers.

Ask For It

While this may seem like digging for compliments, or being pushy – it’s not. Truth is, unhappy customers need no encouragement to write an online review…most can’t wait to write a scathing (and usually poorly written) “review.”  Happy customers, on the other hand, often don’t think to go online to write a review.

If a customer tells you how happy they are with your service, ask them if they would mind putting that on Yelp. If a customer mails you a glowing letter, call them up and ask them if they would post that on Google Places. To take it one step further, add incentives. Offer an online coupon to everyone who writes a review of your company on a specific site, positive or negative – this is not bribery. If you have receipts, put a request at the bottom of the receipt. You could hold a monthly drawing of everyone who wrote a review of your business on a given site.

Help the Customer Help You

While many people use the internet to research businesses and products, many have not ever written a review. A good way to encourage the customer to give you a review is to help them to do it. Have a brief how-to on your website, include a brief explanation in your newsletter, offer help from yourself or an employee.

Respond to All Reviews

By responding to all reviews, both online and in your business, it can lead to more positive reviews. If a customer has a complaint, respond online apologizing and if a valid complaint, fix it. Offer the customer a reason to come back and use your business again. If a positive review, thank them and let them know how valuable their patronage is. Responding to reviews shows the customer that you care about what they think.

As more and more customers go online to decide where they want to shop, eat, fix their car, or any other business use, it is essential that any business not only be aware of their online reputation, but work hard to build it up. Positive online reviews for your business are the best references you can have.

Louis Rossmann is a straight shooting tech guy who specializes in repair and LCD replacement.  Contact him through his Rossmann Group website.


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