Building Business Connections With Twitter – Is It A Reality?

Can we really build lasting connections with something as simple as Twitter? Remarkably, it’s easier and more possible than it seems. People who tweet about what they had for breakfast and serious businesses alike have Twitter accounts, and those connections you seek are not out of reach. Here are some reasons why building a business connection with Twitter is not only a reality, but a practical method of generating those connections.

1. Since businesses are all trying to improve their social presence, they respond when people tweet at them.

Businesses, universities, and people alike have their own Facebook pages, YouTube accounts, websites, and, in many circumstances, their own Twitter accounts. Businesses are trying to appeal to the public and want to portray themselves well within the social media. Because of this, it is likely for a business to respond to you if you were to tweet at them. Give it a shot and see how that small connection can grow into a partnership.

2. You can make a great impression with just 140 characters.

People don’t always have time to read a manifesto about what your business is planning on doing or all the specificities and intricacies that lie in your field. But they would love to read a short, compact, concise description of who you are and your ultimate goal. Say what you want to say and say it quickly; people and businesses are more drawn in by a quick statement than one would think.

3. Business people will judge your appearance based on your intro.

First impressions mean a lot. Psychologically speaking, people will tend to think better of you if your first impression was a good one. This is why it is imperative that your first impression – especially with businesses online – paints you in a desirable light. We have all been told to not judge a book by its cover but, sometimes, the cover indicates a lot of the content. Make your cover reflective of you and your business in the best possible ways and you will be exceptionally more prepared to make solid, dependable connections with other businesses on Twitter.

4. Employees are people too! Networking with lower level employees is an easy way to network to the top.

Every massive structure is made out of smaller pieces. A few examples: the Pyramids of Egypt, the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, etc. Thus, employees make up a large part of corporations and businesses, and connections can be and are generated through connections at lower levels. Because of this it is important that your tweets appeal to all kinds of people, including lower-level employees. In this way you can build the groundwork for business connections, if in no other way than name recognition and familiarity with the employees of a larger business. Over time those connections can easily grow to be much, much bigger, and a combination of connection to the lower-level employees along with continued presence on social media sites such as Twitter can help to expand your business’s influence and familiarity, creating more connections. Be persistent, and see where it goes.

Today’s guest post was contributed by John Monts, blogger for John has a relentless passion for writing and is an extraordinary social media consultant.


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