Get More Conversions With Online Support Chat

The vitality of any online business is it’s customer base. Shopping cart abandonment generally happens because a potential customer became confused by the order process, or were unable to complete the required fields without assistance. By offering online support chat, you can increase online sales with immediate technical assistance around the clock, seven days a week. Your website visitors can easily communicate with the click of a chat button, live and in real time, directly with a real person using text, audio or even video chat.

Online Support Chat

With online support chat, your customers get the best of both worlds: the convenience of shopping online with the same personal and immediate service they expect in-person. Recent marketing studies have shown that proactive chat can increase conversion rates by up to forty percent, improve overall customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty. Chat operators have all the tools they need to help hesitating customers make a purchasing decision, and your customers have the security of knowing a real person is there to answer all of their questions.

Build Trust Through Interaction

Trust is built through interaction and positive experience. Providing constant support for visitors is a key element in converting them to customers. New customers are sure to appreciate the possibility of accessing support at any time during their stay on site, even if they don’t plan to use it right away. By offering support chat, you decrease service response time and increase customer satisfaction. However, the many web sites fail to immediately provide information to potential customers. Instead, they opt for online contact forms or telephone assistance hotlines. All of these methods draw visitors away from your web site. The longer visitors remain, the higher the conversion rate.

Online Support Helps Converts Customer While On Your Website

The majority of web site visitors are accustomed to instant gratification and convenience. These are the primary reasons why they shop online. By having online support chat available, you offer your visitors both. No more waiting in telephone queues or waiting for emailed response. This service allows your visitors and potential customers to have all of their questions and concerns answered and addressed without ever leaving your website to make a phone call or send an email. The longer you can keep visitors at your web site, the better your conversion rates will be.

There are many benefits to providing live online chat support, aside from increasing your conversion rate. This service also builds trust and customer loyalty over time. If your customers are aware that they can receive instant assistance on all of your products and services, they’re more likely to return for future purchases. This, in turn, increases customer satisfaction and brand recognition. Live online chat support also helps your sales staff with list-building. As visitors register or log in to initiate the chat session, they are supplying their email and contact information. These potential sales leads can be used by your staff for future promotions and special offers.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

Unlike traditional support tickets and telephone support lines, online chat support allows your visitors to remain right where they are. By allowing your visitors to remain in visual contact with the product or service that sparked their interest, the potential for a completed sale increases. Through positive experience and successfully completed transactions, customer loyalty grows, and the number of return and repeat orders increase. Visitor conversion and ongoing customer satisfaction is based not only on the quality of your goods ans services, but the quality of your customer care and support. If your visitors can see that customer satisfaction is a priority, they’re more likely to become customers.

In the point and click world of online business, your conversion rate is the defining line between success and failure. Millions of web site visitors means nothing if you cannot convert that traffic into sales. By offering online support chat, you can increase your conversion rate, build customer loyalty, and promote brand recognition.

This article was written by Leonard Geiger.  Len has a passion for consulting businesses on how to best embrace and maximize online strategies and tools. Prior to founding, Be Different Solutions, Len was CEO/Founder of WebIntellects, Inc., where he helped grow the business to support over 25,000 websites and provide services to customers in more than 90 countries worldwide.


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