Is Your PR Agency Performing As Well As They Should Be?

Public relations is an important part of any business and so if your current agency are not performing to the standard that you expect then it could be holding you back from reaching your business goals. The relationships that you build with your clients and the public are so important to the functionality of your company and so if they are not as smooth as they ought to be then it could be time for more than just an oiling of the machine.

PR agencies are paid to increase your exposure whilst managing your reputation in the public eye so you need to regularly review this process to see if things are progressing in the way that you want them to. Consider these things about your current PR agency.

Senior Involvement –

In order for things to be done in the way which you have outlined then you will need to have regular contact with the chief decision makers within the PR company. Ask yourself how often you deal with senior account holders. If you are constantly having to talk with more junior members of staff then there could be an issue with the availability of the account manager or they could be avoiding you to buy more time. These junior members may indeed be great at their job but they won’t be able to make any big decisions and your account will not be managed effectively.

Understanding –

How much do you feel that the PR agency you work with understands the market in which you operate and the products or services that you sell? This is essential if they are to convey the appropriate message to the right people and if this information is not fully comprehended then it could drastically affect your campaigns. This is especially true if you work in a specialist industry such as technology. In this case you need to ensure you find a professional technology PR agency that fully understands how the tech market works.

Responsive Or Proactive? –

Are you always having to chase up the tasks that you set for your PR agency or are they always on top of things? Is it you that provides all the ideas for your campaigns or do they chip in with some of their own as well? A great PR company will not just convey your message in the ways that you set out but also suggested some of their own ideas to. If they are regularly contacting you with innovative plans then it shows they are giving a lot of time and thought to your campaigns behind the scenes.

Value For Money –

The biggest question that you should ask yourself about your current PR agency is whether you feel like they have given you a value for money service in the time you have been working together. If you don’t feel like this is the case then perhaps it’s time for a change. You may feel like they haven’t lived up to the promises they laid down at the beginning or maybe you have heard of another company that have achieved better results on the same kind of budget.

It may even seem like your PR company doesn’t regard you as being that important. This may be because they have bigger clients with bigger budget that they are focusing more of their attention on, but whatever the reason this should signify that it’s time to move on.

If you don’t feel confident that your current PR agency are performing to your high standards then Chris Mayhew would recommend that you see what Eclat Marketing, a specialist tech pr agency in Surrey, can do for you.


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