It Isn’t All About The Bottom Line When It Comes To Attracting The Best Staff

Of late, the majority of the talk when it comes to employment has been focusing on the lack of jobs for young people and the ever lessening scope for advancements in career progression. In other words, all we have to say is, ‘there are no jobs!’ This is an easy excuse for the next generation of workers who, in a lot of cases, seem more than happy just to give up on their futures and settle into a life of job seekers allowance and housing benefits.

It is very easy to live by this ethos and to assume that the job market is that difficult to break into without even giving it a good go. However, the truth is that the top jobs still need doing, and they need doing by the top employees. This, by default, suggests that if you are at the top of your game, the stand out candidate in your field, then you will be able to secure any job that you go for.

It’s a two-way street

In fact, whilst everybody struggles to get a job there are hundreds of employers out there who are struggling to find the right staff. Employment is a mine field that is very difficult to get to the other side of safely. Interviews and assessments can only show you so much about a potential employee and cannot give you a true indication of what that person will really be like as an employee. Just as employees are terrified of landing the wrong job, employers are terrified of hiring the wrong people.

As a way to combat this, employers must ensure that they keep their employee turnover at an absolute minimum whilst offering potential new candidates something that their competitors cannot.

Providing a decent salary is a must

The first thing that you think about when you consider how to try and keep employees happy is money. The salary that a company provides is often the first thing that somebody looks at when applying for a job and the top salaries are what the best candidates compete for. However, it is easy to assume that this will be enough when it comes to attracting the best staff to work for your company, when in reality there is a lot more to think about.

Consider employee benefits to retain staff levels

Employers are becoming much savvier with the benefits that they can offer to their employees as they are becoming more and more aware of the necessity for a high level of employee retention and for the hiring of the best candidates from the outset.

Thanks to the government’s moves to help provide employee benefits such as the ride to work scheme and the child care voucher schemes employers have been given more opportunities to make their employees believe they are well treated and to, most importantly save them money.

On top of these government-lead schemes there are many other ingenious ways that employers have sought to make their employees feel special. Free access to exclusive gyms, vouchers for various entertainment venues and competitions for various prizes help to keep a workforce motivated and committed to working for years to come.

Guest post contributed by Simon Jones, a professional recruiter who sees both sides of the spectrum when it comes to Employees & Employers. Simon has worked with both sides and seen people dealing with different employee problems, from co-op employee benefits from the co-operative to employers struggling to find the right staff.


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